How Do You Know When a Mango is Ripe?

Imagine you have just sliced a mango and found it to be rotten or not ripen yet. It is the most terrible feeling as we wait the entire year for the taste of the juiciest fruit and end up being low-spirited. Before making up your mind whether you want to eat or not, mango exporter has some ready tips that you must know in and out.

  • The touch: If we talk about the feel and texture of mangoes, they tend to be soft. You must always check that it is a little firmer on the sides so that you can wait for some time to get a slightly soft structure. You must eat when it resembles like a peach. Whenever you felt it be mushy, stop eating it.
  • The smell: If you are still a bit confused and unable to examine the texture, just focus on the scent. A ripe mango fruit will always give a fruity sweet smell near the stem area. Without a doubt, fresh mango suppliers’ exports newly harvested goods across India that is renowned for its succulent and pulpy smell.
  • The looks: Apart from its structure, you can make your decision on whether you want to eat or not on the basis of how it looks. It is a belief that the color will tell you the ripeness. If you found your mango to be light red colored, it is not ripened. If the fruit is green or yellow, we can say it is ripening. If you look for Mango export from India, it will always be of the perfect size i.e. rounded resembling like a football.

The fresh mango exporters state “if you keep the ripe mangoes in the fridge, it will stay up to 5 days.” Further, it was stated that if it is cut, it can stay for a couple of days in the fridge and even months if kept in the freezer.

Mangoes are indeed the best summer fruit that isn’t just sweet but healthy too. Don’t wait for the summer to end but add mangoes to your life by consulting mango suppliers in India. The exporters will deliver the fresh mangoes to your doorstep which are firm, juicy and without any added preservatives. You won’t encounter any fallacy or fault in the process of dispatch to delivery since the product delivered would be up to the mark and we will surely leave you 100% satisfied with our services.

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