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Flavour: Sweet fresh flavour
Texture: Firm flesh
Colour: Yellow to orange skin tinged with a pretty pink blush. Vibrant yellow flesh.
Size: Large and round
Ripening Cues: Gives slightly to gentle pressure
Peak Availability: October to February

Welcome to Mango King, your source for the freshest and highest quality mangoes in Australia. Our R2E2 mangoes are a favourite among our customers, prized for their deliciously sweet and juicy flavour.

What is an R2E2 Mango?

R2E2 mangoes are a type of mango that was developed in Australia in the 1990s. The name "R2E2" stands for "Round 2, Experiment 2" – a reference to the breeding program that produced this variety. R2E2 mangoes are known for their large size, firm flesh, and sweet flavour.

Why Choose R2E2 Mangoes?

There are many reasons to choose R2E2 mangoes from Mango King. Here are just a few:

Sweet Flavour: R2E2 mangoes are known for their sweet, juicy flavour that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Large Size: These mangoes are some of the largest available, making them perfect for sharing or enjoying over multiple meals.

Firm Texture: R2E2 mangoes have a firm, meaty texture that makes them ideal for adding to salads, salsas, and other dishes.

Long Shelf Life: These mangoes have a longer shelf life than many other varieties, meaning you can enjoy them for longer before they spoil.

How to Enjoy R2E2 Mangoes

R2E2 mangoes are incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed in many different ways. Here are some ideas:

Sliced: Simply slice the mango and enjoy it as a fresh snack or dessert.

Smoothies: Blend the mango with yogurt, milk, and ice for a refreshing smoothie.

Salads: Add sliced mango to your favourite salad for a burst of sweetness.

Salsas: Combine diced mango with tomatoes, onions, and spices for a flavourful salsa.

Order Your R2E2 Mangoes Today

If you're ready to experience the delicious flavour and texture of R2E2 mangoes, order from Mango King today. We guarantee that our mangoes are fresh and of the highest quality, so you can enjoy them with confidence. Place your order now and get ready to savour the taste of one of Australia's most beloved fruits!

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