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Palmer Mango

Flavour: Sweet fresh flavour
Texture: Firm
Colour: All over dark red blush. Orange flesh.
Size: Small to medium-sized
Ripening Cues: Gives slightly to gentle pressure
Peak Availability: January to March

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Palmer is a semi-dwarf cultivar with purple-red fruit that is curved. In 1945, the cultivar was discovered in Florida, USA, from an unconfirmed lineage. Palmer came to Australia from Puerto Rico in 1979 for the first time. It is a minor cultivar that is widely cultivated in Australia.

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With its distinct agreeable aroma and silky flesh, the Palmer mango has earned the rightful title of finest mango in Australia. We can keep the fruit on the tree until it is fully mature before picking it when we deliver it straight to the consumer.

Instead of waiting up to three weeks for your mangoes to be picked, you'll have them in a week. You will notice the difference immediately! Palmer scores first in flavor and scent since it contains fewer fibers. Mango consumption is increasing in the country, and Palmer is becoming increasingly popular among mango fans.


  • Palmer has some fibers and is fragrant and delicious.
  • Vitamin C, A, and antioxidants make this an excellent resource for wellness and vitality.
  • It can be delivered stiff; keep it at ambient temperature for 1 to 4 days (or less in a warmer location to speed up the process) before tasting after it has softened a little between your fingertips. Because the fruit was harvested at full physical maturity, it had a rich flavor and nutrient-dense flesh.
  • The skin of the Palmer mango is bright purple and crimson. The flesh is incredibly smooth and nearly devoid of fibers. It is a very tasty and high-quality mango variety grown on a small tree with a height of 2.5 meters.


Stem end form - level tip - minor weight - 300-800 g average length - 125 mm normal width - 75 mm typical depth - 82 mm lenticels* - yellow interior tone - yellow stiffness - moderate pulp fibre - medium skin thickness - medium-thin pulp recovery - 73%

Palmer grows best in humid, tropical, and subtropical conditions. The soil and climate are perfect for palmer mango cultivation. The average weight of a palmer mango is 350 grams.

The greater the intensity of beta carotene in the mango pulp, the darker the hue. An additional carotenoid found in mango pulp is cryptoxanthin, which is being studied for its function in normal eye development.


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