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Imported Dasheri Mangoes in Australia

It’s most prominent mango variety in western India and its most affordable as well. It has more than 90% flesh, stone in it is usually flat and not very thick.

Dasheri, a village near Lucknow, is the source of this variety's title. It is a highly popular variety in northern India and one of the best varieties. The progenitor tree of this species is said to still survive in Uttar Pradesh, India. This mango type is light green while unripe and bright yellow when ripe. Dasheri mango exporters in India send us the best lot for our Australian customers.

The skin is semi-thick, velvety, crispy, and mildly waxy, with a light green to yellow-green colour that turns bright yellow when ripe. The orange flesh beneath the surface is soft, delicious, and almost wholly fibreless, encasing a medium-sized stone. Dasheri mangoes have a sweet, tropical perfume that reminds me of nectar. The pulp of the fruit is exceptionally yummy, with tropical, fruity, and faintly tangy undertones.

Dasheri can be kept in the fridge for up to a week after they are fully ripe. When kept in a lidded container in the refrigerator, sliced mangoes will last many days.

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