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Langra, also known as Banarasi Langra, is the last of the greatest mango varieties. UP and Bihar regions in India, are the main producers of this mango type. It's a luscious, fibrous mango. Mangoes are bright in colour and ovate. This mango has a sweet, somewhat acidic flavour profile.Langra Mango Exporters in India, send us best pickings for our Australian clientele.

Langra is a famous mango variety found throughout the country's northern regions. In English, Langra means 'lame.' This amusing etymology has a well-known origin story. According to Haji Kalimullah Khan, a senior mango planter, the narrative dates back between 250 and 300 years. Langra was the name given to a lame farmer in Benaras who once ate a mango and sowed the seed.

The people chose to plant more of this type since the fruit is so luscious and pulpy. Langra has since risen to prominence among India's other mango varieties. The lime-yellow flesh of the oval-shaped mango is normally modest in size.

The vitamins and minerals in the Langra Mango are abundant. These are absolute enticement, exceptionally juicy, scrumptious, and sweet fleshed, and come in 5 to 10 kg bundles. The Indian Langra Mango is a world-renowned gourmet, prized for its farm-freshness and delicious pulp. All of our consumers, both in India and overseas, love the DeshiLangra Mango that we deliver.

Welcome to MangoKing, your go-to source for the finest Langra mangoes from India. As a leading mango exporter to Australia, we take pride in offering the freshest and most delicious mangoes to our customers.

Langra mangoes are known for their juicy pulp and sweet taste, and are a favorite among mango lovers. Our Langra mangoes are handpicked and carefully selected to ensure that only the highest quality mangoes are delivered to our customers.

At MangoKing, we work directly with farmers in India to source our mangoes. This allows us to maintain strict quality control and ensure that our mangoes are grown using sustainable farming practices. We believe in supporting local farmers and communities, and are committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing.

Our Langra mangoes are available for both wholesale and retail purchase. Whether you're a mango enthusiast looking for the perfect box of mangoes for personal consumption, or a business looking to stock up on high-quality mangoes for your customers, we've got you covered.

We offer competitive pricing and fast, reliable shipping to anywhere in Australia. Our mangoes are carefully packed and shipped to ensure that they arrive fresh and ready to eat.

So why wait? Order your box of Langra mangoes from MangoKing today and enjoy the taste of one of India's most beloved mango varieties!

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